Windsor Police Cadets 

“Developing Responsible Youth”

Advisor Forms


The Windsor Police Cadets is led by several Sworn and Civilian Advisors.  Advisors with five or more years of service shall be referred to as Senior Advisors.  Advisors must be a minimum of 21 years of age and preferabbly a current/former member of the post, a parent/guardian of a member, or a Windsor Police Department Employee.  


The Current Advisors are:


Sergeant Bernard Petkis


Sergeant Petkis, of the Windsor Police Department,  has been associated with the Windsor Police Cadets since July 1991.  Currently, he serves as the Director of the program.

Officer Nicole Alberti


Officer Alberti, of the Windsor Police Department, has been an Advisor with the program since  August 2009.  Currently, she serves as Associate Director of the program.


Advisor Theodore Martinez


Advisor Martinez is a former member and a returning advisor.  Advisor Martinez has served as an Advisor since  June 2015.

Detective Kari Glaude


Detective Glaude, of the Windsor Police Department, has been a long time friend of the Windsor Police Cadets and has served as an Advisor since February 2016.

Advisor Shontay Gibson


Advisor Gibson is the parent of a current member and has served as an Advisor since May 2016.