Windsor Police Cadets 

“Developing Responsible Youth”

Post Officer Forms

The Post Officers

The Windsor Police Cadets is directed by a body of Post Officers, which includes a Captain, two Lieutenants and four Sergeants.   The Post Officers are Cadets who have served at least one year as a current or former member, have completed or are actively participating  in “Leadership in Life” and have displayed exemplary performance as a member.   In order to become a Post Officer, a member must pass a written assessment and an oral board, as well as member and Advisor vote.  Post Officers are expected to lead by example, display a positive attitude, treat members equally and with respect, be confident in their leadership role, demonstrateknowledge of and enforce rules and regulations, recognize and reinforce the positive actions of members, and be approachable to members with questions and/or concerns.  



The current Post Officers are:

Acting Captain

Connor Dowd

Acting Lieutenant

Kyle Petkis


Chris Dowd

Acting Sergeant Jacob Rendock

Acting Sergeant

Abby Bulgajewski

Acting Sergeant

Dillon Gold


Kevin Arzt