Windsor Police Cadets

“Developing Responsible Youth”

As I’m sure you’re aware, the United Way (UW) is in the midst of their drive and surely are banging on your door with requests for charity.  I recently found out that you can write in the name of your own choice of charity in the tool or paperwork that UW publishes for pledging.  


At my work, it is an on-line tool and we get a chance to not only pick from a huge list of  charities that are already registered with them, but also write in any organization that qualifies for distribution of your pledge.  In our tool there is an FAQ section which contains the following verbiage, which I found to be helpful:

I want to designate my contribution to a small charity.  What if it isn't in the pledge site database?

The pledge site allows you to write in a non-profit of your choice. Write-ins must be qualified not-for-profit organizations and recognized as a 501(c)(3) by the Internal Revenue Service.  Please note that the address field is required in order to process your donation.

It was fairly easy on my part once I knew that this was possible to do to follow directions and direct my pledge to the Windsor Police Cadets, Inc.  Their contact information is as follows:  


Windsor Police Cadets, Inc.

340 Bloomfield Ave., Windsor, CT 06095

Federal Tax I.D. #20-5190035


If you have questions, please contact Officer Bernard Petkis at (860) 604-8635 or  




Ritu Zazzaro

(Mother of FORMER Cadet Jonathan Zazzaro)